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Name:girly bits
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A women's community for health/sexual health discussions
This is a community for discussing All That Girl Stuff. We welcome everyone who identifies as female!

* sex
* health
* waxing
* shaving
* periods/birth/the sucky stuff
* girly girl things
* relationship woes and wins
* random girl rants
* secrets
* etc.

Once your application for membership is approved, please introduce yourself to the rest of us!

We want this community to be CLOSE and DRAMA FREE.
We want to make the world a nicer place for girls to be.
We want to help each other do this girl thing as painlessly as possible.

RULES (Thank you to our lovely [personal profile] sparklyappolion for putting this together!):
Hello, lovely ladies, and welcome to the Girlybits community on Dreamwidth! This community is to provide a safe space for all women to inquire about or share their knowledge of being a woman—physical, medical, emotional, you name it! If it deals with womanhood, it’s fair game.

This community is meant to be a safe space for women, a place with no hasty judging and no harsh comments. As such, the following things will be encouraged:
• Questions about women’s anatomy, aging, medication, relationships, sexuality, place in the world, or anything else dealing with the feminine sex
• Discussion about news articles, research studies, images, or even blog posts that deal with women
• Moderate venting. Complaining about your girl or boy is okay, but don’t go overboard

However, these things are completely unacceptable:
• Attacking. There will be NO attacks about any member’s age, race, sexuality, interest or disinterest in sexual activity (ie: being a “whore” or “slut” or being a “prude”), income or social class, or level of education. If any of these issues are relevant to the discussion at hand (and please use common sense; a mod will gently remind you if you’re out of line), they may be discussed in a respectful manner.
• Drama. If you get into an argument with one of the members, take the fight out of the community, please. If necessary, use some self-restraint and don’t respond to the other party.
• Spam. We don’t need to know about your awesome new product or your awesome new community. There are far better places for that.
• Men or men posing as women. While we do realize that there are some earnest men out there with serious questions about women’s health, we as mods do not have the time to separate them from those wishing to just harass us. As such, in order for this to remain a safe space, only biological women and male-to-females are allowed in this community.

PLEASE: If you can think of anything to put in the interests section that would make it easier for girls to find this community, please msg me!

Thanks to [community profile] shifgrethor for the layout! :)

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